Caravan Resealing

Over time, caravan seals can deteriorate, allowing water leakage to do significant damage to a caravan. We see many caravans with failing seals around the corner moulds, windows, roofs or wheel arches that have developed major rot issues due to long term exposure to the elements.

In virtually all cases, these leaks cannot be repaired externally. Leaking seals of this nature need to be fixed by stripping back the outer layers of the caravan, rebuilding any damaged structure, then resealing with a top quality sealant during reassembly of the caravan.

As the result of a significant testing program, ADP has found the most effective sealant that has proven to provide the essential properties of excellent sealing, adhesive, and long lasting. At ADP, we use a substantial amount of this sealant on all resealing, to ensure a robust, long term seal on all repaired surfaces of your caravan.